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Video surveillance

Project description

System CAREPIX is a video surveillance monitoring system at moderate price with move detection and video recording and alert by sms.

NETFLY developed the “client” application of move detection and movie recording. The program functions on any Windows PC and can be easily installed by inexperienced users.
After the program installation, the user has only to introduce some information about his subscription and to parameterize the monitoring software (selection of the camera, the timing of armament, the file of storage, etc…). The software recognizes any USB camera. The move detection is based on complex algorithms of analysis of the video stream generated by the camera. When a movement is detected, the program records the images and sends them towards an external server.
If alarm is not disabled in a maximum period of time (defined by the user), an alert SMS is sent to the user’s telephone. The program also allows the user to view the alarms log and the recorded images.


  • Client Public
  • Date 2010
  • Tech NET Framework, C++, C#
  • Tags Localization, Video monitoring
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