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A complete management of the commercial activity

Project description

The solution implemented at DEWEZ meets the need of the company activity management. There are several types of softwares because there are several types of users and several types of work processes

Internal management

The daily administrative management tasks are executed with a Windows application (“Dewez Management”). The users can manage the contracts, the invoices, the payments, the plannings, the graphics works, the technical tasks, control listings, the statistics. Each user receives a different level of access authorization.
The program is a Windows .NET application.

External Management

The external workers use an on-line ERP that gives them operational informations. The ERP maks possible to manage some data, such as photos of rent panels, activity reports, contracts encoding.

The ERP is an ASP.NET application.

Digitalization management

The DEWEZ system brings together digital materials, regardless of contracts where the materials originate.

The development of DEWEZ solution started in 2009 and still continues.


  • Client Dewez
  • Date 2009
  • Tech ASP.NET.
  • Tags CRM, Documents management, Planning management
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